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“After years working in the medical billing field I saw a huge problem. Small practices were having a terrible time billing insurance companies. Owners of these small businesses wanted to focus on their specialty, not billing insurance. 

By providing billing services to small providers, we offer a personal level of service unmatched by big billing companies who treat small practices as second-rate. LD Medical Billing clients focus on their passions, while we help them earn additional clients and revenue! Let us handle the paperwork.”

-Lynde Duda
Founder of LD Medical Billing

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Candice Stoops, LMT

"Lynde’s fast accurate billing has made a huge increase in my income."

Misty Ramsay, LMT

"Having Lynde as a billing service has saved me so much time and allowed me to do more of what I love: helping people."

Tawnya Grogan, LMT

"Lynde helped turn my part-time practice into a full time career!"

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LD Medical Billing specilaizes in providing exceptional billing services to independent and small practices in the Oregon area and beyond.

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Our mission is to enable our clients to build their businesses while spending time on their passions!

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  • Increase Your Client Base
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